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Facebook LEAK. Facebook is Censoring Users Vax Concerns, gives demotion Credits to all users & demote the visibility of their comments and activity to all.

Though Facebook says it’s existence is for people to be able to exchange information and connect with one and other, now that it has chosen a pro-vaccine side , it is suppressing, demoting user’s Vax Concerns comments and decreasing the visibility of their activity, Facebook now deletes users posts that they don’t agree upon, with the excuse of miss information.

But not only that, now they sensor and demote users comments that show concerns about the vaccine and give users a Demotion Credits, depending your score number your future posts activity or comments will be seen or suppressed.

In this video after the first part of this story, you will see a leaked Facebook internal video conferencing with Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, instead of commenting about his actions, you will hear him saying to his staff, that he takes leaks very seriously, that he has his way to find any leakers, and when he does he terminates them immediately, as he did find this one and he terminated him immediately!

Mark Zuckerberg is deceiving people for his beliefs and personal interests, nothing new here, but it is shocking when it is proven and clearly admitted.

As Facebook now knows, that it’s users will follow any direction of his company for them to have the ability to be on the social platform, nothing stops him now to implement in the same way, any other matter and enforce his opinion of things by manipulating what we see online.

Where are we heading???